Integra Carpet Cleaners

  1. Carpet Cleaning in Middletown – Our Advanced Processes

    Do you rent-out a home or several homes for a second source of income and need a dependable company that provides intelligent carpet cleaning in Middletown? Are you tired of having to replace your carpet because of a few stains your tenants left? Instead of waiting till the end of their lease, are you thinking about getting a bi-annual carpet cleaning in order to preserve the carpet in your rental…Read More

  2. Why should you outsource your business cleaning duties | Middletown, CT

    We regularly get calls from companies who are feeling the pinch of the economy and are trying to get vital services covered, while still reducing costs. We inform them that there are many potential benefits to outsourcing your cleaning needs to a commercial cleaning company such as Integra Clean Cleaning Services of Middletown, CT. Here is a list we have compiled that include some of the most imp…Read More

  3. Strategies for keeping your upholstery clean | Middletown, CT

    Keeping your upholstery clean is a very important aspect to making a great first impression when people visit your home. Clean upholstery will give your house a fresh feeling and allow your guests to feel comfortable and relaxed while they are sitting or resting on it. Here are some tips that will give you a strategy for keeping your Connecticut home furnishings looking fresh year round. Know yo…Read More

  4. A routine carpet cleaning is good for your Connecticut business

    Business owners and managers in Middletown, CT know that first impressions are lasting so it’s important that your office, restaurants, car showrooms, medical office, hotels or any other facility, permeates a clean, well-maintained look at all times. Clean carpets and floors are a great way to add a clean sharp look to your facility. Our Connecticut carpet cleaning services not only will rid you…Read More

  5. Integra Cleaning Services: Should you hire a commercial cleaning service?

    Is your Connecticut business in need of a commercial cleaning service? Many will answer, no I can handle it myself. If your place of business is a small space this may be true, but do you enjoy spending the time cleaning after working all day? Or coming in on your day off? Do you put off the cleaning a little too long or do a quick pick-up so that dirt and grime accumulate? The best way to rid yo…Read More


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